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Sub Pump ControlsSub Pump Interface Controller

The SPI/1 controller has been specifically designed for filling stations that use submersible fuel delivery pumps, such as Red Jacket. It provides electrically separate inputs and a common control circuit output that enables a control system to cater for the TT earthing systems used on filling station installations.

It provides an interface between the dispensers and the fuel delivery system. Up to six dispensers can be arranged to operate a single submersible pump via the standard motor control system. More than six dispensers can be accommodated by using multiple controllers.

It is compact and easily mounted in distribution boards and control panels. The unit has LED indication to show when an input from a dispenser is active and LED indication for the output signal to the submersible pump control circuit.

Each input has a plug and socket arrangement that allows dispenser out puts to be interchanged between controllers. This means that if the grades are changed on the dispensers or the tank contents are changed, then the control system can be easily re-configured by swapping plugs. This feature is especially useful during the commissioning period.

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